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I actually applauded this post

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yo, can anyone give me some advice?


are the extra bells and whistles on this gaming laptop:


worth the extra $700?


ideally, i would like to keep whichever laptop i buy for ~5 years, if not more.

jo’s boyfriend (that is, since i am beth) said that since you don’t actually play multiplayer games very often — or at all — you’d probably only need the 24GB. if you were a hardcore league of legends player then he’d consider the 32GB but even then it’s more dependent on your internet connection than your memory.

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i wanted to wait until the nvidia 900M series hit laptops before upgrading, but considering that my 5 year old laptop feels and sounds like it’s going to explode when tomb raider runs on normal settings, i’ll probably need a new laptop for DA:I

dude that laptop has served well, i’m actually really surprised it’s lasted as long as it did.

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i’m not even really in the teen wolf fandom anymore, and i’ve never actually watched a full episode. but occasionally i’ll read some fanfic, and for some reason in this fandom:

i am okay with pretty much any pairing.

i am okay with the weirdest AUs and fusions.

i am okay with violence and magic and cliches and the overuse of sourwolf.

but god help me, if the sherriff’s name is not john i cannot read this fic.

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welcome to the weslyn home for magical rehabilitation….

patient 08410 - malachy foster-  charges of criminalized witchcraft

patient 06050 - vita boone - charges of unlawful use of divination

patient 01520 - breccan alvear - charges of necromancy and unlawful possession

patient 09560 - pike ozias - charges of demon solicitation

holy shit this is so cool. like. i would watch this. now i’m trying to figure out how this would work. i think it’d be better as a TV series than a movie, personally, because there’s a lot of potential for steady interaction than one two hour crisis sort of thing. well… unless it was like shawshank redemption. but since this is a magical prison/rehab center then you wouldn’t be able to get into as much cool world-building stuff.

anyway, so TV series. i guess i’m wondering if in this world magic is the norm or if this is a subset of the population. Then if this magical authority is overbearingly corrupt or honestly trying to rehabilitate these rogue magicians.

i was gonna rant some more but got distracted. anyway. but I really like this idea. it’s really cool.

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I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but…

oh jeeze, this actually expresses how i felt about the epilogue and i didn’t even know what i felt about the epilogue beyond… what… what… nooooooo…

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guess who watched maze runner?

maybe some spoilers under the cut.

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I swear this picture looks like an ad campaign. I just added the logo, nothing else was tweaked. 

are you kidding? this looks like part of a trailer for some epic sci-fi movie.

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Hi so I know maybe it's super annoying when ppl ask you about fics but I've srsly been scorching AO3 and I can't find the fic I'm looking for and you're the first person that comes into mind when I think space husbands so now I'll describe that fic..
lavakid asked



It’s k/s and it’s post stid and spock has this villa in san fran well actually it’s sarek’s and he let’s jim live there w/ him after jim is out of the hospital but i can’t remember the title …And I know at one point nyota comes over and is super hurt that spock lets jim live with him and they have a fight and there’s also smth about a maid who might have a crush on spock and who spills juice down her or jim’s? front. Do you know that fic?

First of all- it’s never annoying for people to ask me a bout fic! That’s like, one of my favorite things- seriously. ANd if it had been a fic from 2009, i would probably know it, but i haven’t stayed current with the STiD fic. :(

But I’ll post this here in case any of my followers recognizes the story.

Just signal boosting. I don’t know the fic either, sorry.

I know this one! It’s “A Logical Return” by walkandtalk on ao3.

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trying not to audibly react to some hilarious k/s comics because everyone in the house is asleep but i can’t breathe.